Coffee Wizards

Original linocut logo design for a new coffee roastery based in Birmingham.

During the height of the inital 2020 lockdown I was approached by the folk at Under Pressure Espresso, one of the finest coffee shops on the north side of the city, to design a logo for the launch of their new coffee roasters.

The team had liked the look of some of the medieval woodcuts I had been reproducing and wanted a design in a similar style depicting a prototypical wizard with a staff in the shape of a portafilter.

We were able to settle on a finished design really quickly, and Under Pressure were partiuclarly keen on retaining as much of the ‘noise’ – the unintended marks created by the analogue printing process as possible.

The design appears on each bag of the exceptional coffee produced by the roasters, and has also been transferred onto stickers and t-shirts that you can pick up from the storefront in Sutton Coldfield.